Straddle was initially created as a solution to help poker players manage and monitor their loans and debts, but it can help anyone who needs to take control of their private credits. Straddle allows users to:

  • Set and manage deadlines for debt repayments
  • Set deadline-based reminders, adjusted dynamically
  • Lend money in several currencies
  • Split a debt among several users and repay it in several transactions
  • Track loan histories and app activity
  • Protect actions with SMS confirmations




Since Nov 2018


Mobile app development


To develop a cross-platform mobile app for personal finance and debt accounting.


Lightweight mobile app for both iOS and Android built with React Native

A dashboard that displays debt and loans status

Synchronization with contacts on the users’ phone

A user-friendly UX design that enables fast and easy interaction


The Straddle mobile app gives users full control of their private credit and provides advanced accounting functionality

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